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The Fake News That Endangered Whoopi Goldberg

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Whoopi Goldberg has said that she is going to sue the man who published “fake” story that she said Caryn Owens, the widow of the Navy SEAL who died during a January raid in Yemen, was trying to seek “attention” from President Trump.

Whoopi said that the fake news endangered both her life as well as the welfare of her family. She recognized how she had great relationships with vets and their wives for the last 20 years, and so it was truly detrimental when the man wrote a horrible lie about her.

“I’m going to try to get some legislation going that says if you’re going to involve someone in the fake news, you should have their permission. Apparently, you don’t care what could have happened to me,” Whoopi said.

She undermined the articles written by people who know they are false. To make it worse, they are uploaded online with the goal of deceiving consumers. Indeed it is a serious problem in the social media-driven information economy.

“News consumers are no longer taking their time to check their sources,” she observed. “In my life, at no moment do I say that the emotional widow was looking for attention,” she made it clear.

However, she promised not to take the allegations lightly and said she would petition against the man who wrote them. “The fact that you don’t give a crap that it endangered me is unconscionable. I’m going to get my lawyer, and I’m coming for you.”

James McDaniel, a 28-year-old Costa Rican man, came up with the website. He says he created the website last month to see just how intuitive online readers could be. To his surprise, people got fooled. was launched Feb 21st and has written false news about prominent politicians. Among them includes, Obama allegedly ran a pedophile ring out of the White House and a story about Clinton’s lost email. He started the fake news website as a joke and surprisingly has gained more than 1 million views within two weeks.

McDaniel says his website was dreamt up as a side project for laughs. He forged posts he thought would usually sound too crazy for anyone to believe, just to see if it caught on.

Whoopi’s story has convinced him to stop publishing the fake news due to the media sparks it created. Even though he was having fun with his raw stories, McDaniel has thought to better pull out of the “dirty” deal.

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