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The Black Community Angered By Mohammed Ali Junior Harassment At The Airport

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By Susan Johnes

The son of the legendary boxing champ Mohammed Ali was detained at the airport for close to 2 hours and denied a chance to fly by the Trump administration.

Ali Jr. arrived in Washington on Friday for a flight to Florida. Immediately after presenting the authorities with his Illinois ID to obtain his boarding pass, they told him there was a problem and that the agency needed to contact the Department of Homeland Security.

The ordeal started when Ali, 44 was requested to produce his details; the social security number and place of birth. Even after presenting the credentials, the state-issued ID was rendered invalid for traveling.

Previously, Ali had used the same state ID from Illinois to travel to Washington. It’s rejection was a surprise.

When contacted, the Transportation Security Administration gave details of the holdup at the ticket counter claiming that Ali’s jewelry was the reason for the 7-minute delay.

“We made a call to confirm Mr. Ali’s identity with T.S.A officials upon arriving at the airline check-in counter,” the agency said.

“When he reached the checkpoint, his large jewelry alarmed the inspection scanner. He received a targeted pat-down in his pieces of jewelry to remove the warning and was made to catch his flight,” the agency added.

Mancini, Ali’s Jr lawyer undermined the claims saying that they were a make-up story to cover the situation. “It was a well-planned event to harass Mr. Ali. The ordeal lasted for 2 hours and not the mentioned 7 minute,” he said in a statement.

Ali Jr spoke out against his mistreatment by immigration officials at a Florida airport terming it the highest level of discrimination against the Muslim religion. “I was detained for about two hours, despite telling customs officials that I’m the boxing great’s son and a native-born U.S. citizen, they rejected my passport and driver’s license altogether.”

Recently, President Trump gave a directive to ban Muslims from accessing the US soil. Ali’s lawyer condemned the situation and linked the event with the president’s directive. “Imagine walking into an airport and asked about your religion. Isn’t it classic customs profiling?”

The blacks and Muslims believe that the unfair treatment of Ali at the airport was due to his religion that held him for questioning from customs officers due to President Trumps directive to ban Muslims from visiting the US.

Has the ban become active yet this early? Was it fair to treat world’s greatest boxing champion son with such disrespect?

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