Stop Acting like a Girl: Be a Real Man

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By Susan Johnes

What action would you take if you were in a relationship with a man who portrayed more female characteristics than you did? Such categories of people like crying when pressure comes knocking at their door.

Such soft men attract ladies because of their kind-heartedness and gentleness. They admire the “softness traits” to the extent of falling into a relationship. However, what they forget is that a few months into their dating, the characters will come back to haunt them.

The problem arises when you learn that your male spouse cannot handle the expected issues such as financial providence, family authority, or career issues that plague the modern man.

They respond to things with their emotions instead of taking the ball to face the defender. They will leave you wondering whether, in the future, they would be able to work through the manly issues that arise in life and relationships.

What’s the point of a girly man? Research shows that such innate characteristics like his attitude and emotional level are molded by other outward indicators, like how he socializes easily with women than fellow men, and how he handles his society-dictated leadership roles and relationships.

What are some of the common girlish traits portrayed?

• Keen On Appearance

Many young girls have married and dated men who are very keen on their appearance. They spend a small fortune on their grooming and wardrobe, sometimes going to the extent of exchanging style tips with their girls.

According to relationship counselors, the degree of a man’s effeminate nature is dependent on his inherent characteristics and how he was socialized. Men, who grow up in female-dominated homes with only sisters, might have feminine responses which are a cultivated learned behavior.

• Lacking self-discipline and self-control

Such people lack the ability to stop drinking, partying, overeating, and playing video games. They lack discipline and prefer engaging in fun stuff rather than important stuff.

• Not accepting responsibility

They don’t accept their fault or screw up mistakes. Further, they have the inability to deal with conflict or friction effectively. They regularly moan, complain, cry, or weep.

• They care what people say

There are men today who are trying to look fashionable by applying make ups to look cute. Such actions portray immaturity since they care what other say about their looks.

What to do

• For the benefit of your relationship, accept his “girly” tendencies as part of his individuality. Therefore, compensate for his shortcomings by taking up his primary roles like making decisions, providing leadership, guidance, and solutions.

• Communicate your concerns to reach a balance through patience and learning.

• Nurture your man to be a more “manly” man. Consider letting him go if his effeminate can destroy your relationship.

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