Some Bad Habits You Need to Change in a Relationship

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By Susan Johnes

None of us is immune to the bad habits in a relationship. At least everyone has gotten in some sought of relationship, and a majority has fallen victims of the undesirable behaviors leading to frustrations to your wife, hubby, or boyfriends. Although they are small and petty issues, they can result in the break of a long-term relationship.

Since there are different ways of expressing love to your partners, some techniques can be restrictive. In most cases, you won’t realize that your partner is completely fed up with your habits because they cover up the situation to avoid embarrassments.

1. Buying him/her clothes

I understand that it looks romantic to obtain a pair of trouser or dress to your partner. It is an inappropriate gesture to surprise your partner with clothes since they might feel that you are restricting their dressing choice. Mostly, your male partner will feel annoyed and think that you have previously never liked the way he dressed.

2. Letting yourself too available

Try to offer some resistance in some things that he/she asks you. Being in a relationship does not bind you to comply with your partner always, but allows you to live your life separately. Giving them everything that they request leads to boredom.

3. Befriending his/her friend

You will come out a desperate person if you get too close to your spouse’ friends. Human beings are jealous so does your partner. The mutual friendship will make them uneasy and uncomfortable with you.
That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have other friends. Social interaction is a practical aspect of humanity. You are obliged to maintain your boundaries so that your partner doesn’t get annoyed.

4. Poor communication

A successful relationship has a meaningful discussion. In some instance, your partner might have annoyed you due to some petty disagreements. Ladies are the victims of this bad habit since they can decide to go for days without talking to their friends.

You can’t obtain a solution if you don’t speak and share your grievances with your partner. Instead, you will leave your partner in a quagmire and may consider ending your relationship.

5. Engagement in nagging and past arguments

Men are quick at getting annoyed. Additionally, no one wishes to be reminded of the previous disagreements since they can be emotional and hurt your partner. Avoid the subject matter, and your relationship will last as long as you want.

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