Pregnant Ciara Survives a Car Accident

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Many know her as an American songwriter, singer, and actress. Ciara, a 31-year-old R&B singer, got involved in an accident on Friday when another Volvo driver collided with the passenger side door of her white Mercedes SUV.

Police and rescuers were quick to reach the accident spot and found the artist unwounded. The singer’s spokesman claims that the Volvo driver was in the wrong lane thus hitting the side of her car.

According to the released photos from the scene, they show Ciara unhurt. The photos reveal her standing by herself and talking on the phone even though she appeared upset and tensed.

Reportedly, Ciara is in a trimester to her second child. Her husband Russell Wilson responded with a tweet to ascertain that the artist was well. “Momma Wilson and baby Wilson are feeling great! God is good,” his tweet read. Ciara further tweeted, “Thankful for God’s grace and the amniotic fluid.”

After the event, the two couples with their first born son posted a series of photos. Ciara further admitted how shaken she was but was also grateful for God’s protection. “I’m just super excited about this time of my life. A narrow escape! I can see my son running around and soon it’s going to be two creatures of this kind,” she said in a statement.

Ciara’s husband Russell is a former rapper who currently plays for the National Football League’s Seattle Seahawks. The two are expecting a child this spring, and such was a minor accident that only caused little psychological disturbance to the celebrity.

The singer seemed happy with her husband Wilson for the continuous support throughout the tragedy. “If someone appears to support you and your vision in the relationship…then you have to be thankful and ensure the relationship is moving,” she told Bazaar.

Ciara values children and life according to her statements after the accident. “I love myself and life too much. I love my baby and would like to see him grow,” she said.

Renowned celebrities have found themselves in such situations. Logically speaking, they should be extra keen while driving on the highway. If they feel that they don’t have enough skills, the artists can hire an experienced personal driver.

Can we imagine what would have befallen Ciara if the accident would result in her hospitalization, with the fact that she is an expectant woman?

Ciara’s case represents a small percentage of such situations. Famous artists get involved in accidents, some of which go unreported and unnoticed. Let’s take care when in our roads and remember that life is too short to take things for granted.

By Susan Johnes

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