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Philando Castile’s Girlfriend Now Headed to Jail for Alleged Hammer Attack

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Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend who’d live-streamed her boyfriend, Philando Castile, dying after he’d been fatally shot by police just last July, is now in some legal trouble of her own.

Reynolds has allegedly been charged with the felony assault of a woman after media outlets have claimed that she’d chased the woman with a hammer.

According to the Pioneer Press, the girlfriend of the late Philando Castile, as well as two other women, were apprehended just this past Thursday and charged on Friday.

From the Pioneer Press:

On Tuesday, police say a 24-year-old woman in St. Paul suffered serious injuries in an assault. Officers arrested Reynolds and two other women in the case Thursday, and they were all charged Friday.

One of the woman told police “there was a continuing conflict between her and” a friend of Tuesday’s assault victim. In February, Reynolds “specifically” threatened “to come after the victim” in a Facebook post, according to the criminal complaint.

Reynolds, of West St. Paul, was charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and third-degree assault – inflicting substantial bodily harm.

Reynolds’ case is likely to be handled in Washington County, being that she is also listed as a victim and witness in Ramsey County’s case against the police officer who’d fatally murdered her boyfriend in front of her and her daughter, according to reports.

Ms. Reynolds is slated to appear in court this coming Monday and we will continue to bring information as we receive it.

Comment your thoughts below and tell us what you’re thinking. Will this affect her case with the officer in the Castile killing?

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