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By Susan Johnes

Donald Trump’s victory in the recently concluded US election shows that one need no experience to enter the white office. Trump had never involved himself in politics, not until last year when he launched his presidential bid in the white house. Just like Trump, Winfrey can flirt with the prospect of becoming the next US president since she is no stranger to the presidential politics.

In 1988, Winfrey used to host a talk show on the television where she jokingly asked Trump if he ever imagined running for the presidency. Trump, 42 by then, gave a hesitant reply not knowing that one day the prophetic vision of Winfrey will unfold.

In an interview on Bloomberg TV hosted by David Rubenstein, the media mogul Oprah Winfrey said she was likely to run for Presidency come 2020. The “peer-to-peer conversations” show came live on Wednesday morning. Ruben asked her if she needed any experience to get elected as the president of the United States. This time round she seemed straight forward with her reply as opposed to last year January when she faced the same question. “I thought I don’t have experience, and I don’t have enough…and now I’m thinking otherwise.”

We remembered that the real estate mogul was a staunch supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Her support towards her fellow female in the Presidential elections paved the way for her primary victory. Additionally, we remembered that eight years ago, Winfrey opted to support a fellow black personality, Obama, for the presidential bid.

Oprah stands the best chance to win the race. She has invested in real estate, and her net worth amounts to approximately $250 million. Therefore, funding her campaign won’t be a complicated issue. Furthermore, she has a universal recognition with her show that attracted billions of viewers globally. Moreover, her charity drives have gained her significant attention. Besides, the good relations she has with people further increases her chances of winning the position.

The Trump’s victory and entry into the oval house have attracted several individuals with the idea of running for the presidency. The celebrities believe that “money can do everything!” just the same way Trump used it to gain his political milestone. Among those attracted are real estate tycoons, businesspeople, and celebrities such as Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg. However, Oprah is the only celebrity who has openly declared her stand for the possible presidential run.

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