Nike Creates The ‘Pro Hijab’ for Muslim Women

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Nike has chosen to take a stance in support of Muslim hijab-wearing women athletes by creating a product that’s geared towards performance and respects their faith! This makes them the first major sportswear company to manufacture a performance hijab, stepping into the lucrative world of Islamic fashion.

Merely weeks prior to this announcement, Nike released a “controversial ad” in the Middle East which is supposedly appealing to a woman’s style of dress. The viral ad displays five successful female athletes via different locations of the Arab world actively pursuing their dreams while simultaneously a voice asks, “what will they say about you?” This is a rhetorical question that many young Arab women are asked if/when they choose to grow away from cultural and traditional norms. Some believe that the ad was a huge misrepresentation of their lifestyles, citing the reality of women running through streets vs. going to the few women-only gyms. 

“Nike Pro Hijab” is the official name of the head-cover, and has a single-layer pull-over design made with a lightweight polyester fabric in dark, very neutral colors. The hijab also sports tiny breathable holes that provide comfort for high intensity while remaining opaque, a requirement for wearers of the faith.

The developments for this hijab began after Nike says they received numerous complaints from prominent muslim athletes who were wearing their traditional head scarves to compete. Those athletes, including weightlifter Amna Al Haddad and figure skater Zahra Lari, had an active role in designing the finished product over an extensive 13 month process.

Consumers still won’t be able to experience the lightweight hijab for another year! Nike hijab’s will be available for purchase with the release of the company’s Spring 2018 collection.

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