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By Susan Johnes

The music industry has moved a level higher with the collaboration of the US and African artists. Recently, Africa’s finest Bongo musician released a song featuring one of the top US artists, Neyo. Notably, Neyo is a celebrated American singer who concentrates mostly on R&B and hip-hop music.

The much-anticipated collaboration came on time and coincided with Diamond signing the Universal Records. So far the video has gained more than four million views on YouTube in less than a month from release.

The two artists created a top love track, “Marry You” shot in Los Angeles and some African cities such as Nairobi and Johannesburg. The music video came live on Feb 2nd, 2017 on Friday.

It was a dream come true for the African artist Diamond who grew up in one of the Tanzanian slums. “I’m jubilant doing a song with him…I grew listening Neyo’s songs, and I chose him because all my dancing styles originated from him,” the artist said.

Marry You is a love story that convinces a girl that you are in love with to marry you. It’s a wedding song. Therefore I’m sure it will rock on all weddings’,” Diamond said.

Diamond’s managing director was delighted by the song release claiming that it was the biggest universal music cutting across Africa and America. “He is a first class performance on stage, his new material is African and will touch people across the globe,” said the director.

The diversity song of the year, “Marry You” starts when the two spectacular artists ride in a posh open roof car in Beverly Hills. Throughout the video, the two look as fresh and flashy as possible with Neyo regularly wearing a cape as his brand symbol.

Neyo introduces the first line in Swahili so clearly that one could mistake him to be coming from East Africa. The two artists are gifted with soulful voices, uniquely giving the song the best intonation ever.

Diamond has raised the bar so high that he has left his fans puzzled. Moreover, his rivalry with other artists has since escalated.

I salute such a move between the two artists because it has improved our diversity. America is singing and dancing to the song. Additionally, several African countries are listening to the song.

Music has a powerful role in our society. Music not only stimulates the mind but also opens up a new world for the people’s lives. I believe the collaboration will improve the American and African cultural exchange.

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