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Never give Up: Lessons from the World’s Greatest Neurosurgeon

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By Susan Johnes

The life story of Dr. Ben Carson has inspired people for decades. He has mentored the young with his positive perspective towards education, personal responsibility, and his intelligence.

Carson went through a period of heartbreaks, fear and financial struggle when his father left their home, just eight years after he was born. Sonya Carson, a determined woman, took the parental role to mentor the young boy. She consistently provided for Ben and instilled in him a strong sense of the importance of education.

Notably, Carson took the advice positively and devoted himself towards learning and achievements. He was lost and hopeless in schoolwork since he found it challenging to overcome the adversity on his path.

In early primary schools, he had a dream of becoming a doctor but was academically weak prompting his classmate’s nickname him a “dummy.” Surprisingly, he overcame the thought and feeling of believing he was stupid.

We give his mother much credit with the step she took of replacing the home television with the library cards. That marked a breakthrough for Carson who showed an improvement in his schoolwork.

His love of the books gave him an escape thus his name-calling stopped from the classmates. To date, Carson pays tribute to his mother’s motivational quote, “Give your best and settle for nothing less.”

The continued hard work at a school gave the young boy a scholarship at Yale University. In similar tfashion, he received a scholarship to Michigan University. At 33 years, he was the first black youngest physician at John Hopkins majoring in head surgery.

We can remember how Carson brought a revolution in the neurosurgery by separating the brain to treat seizure disorder. He increased his universal success rates by performing delicate surgeries to children something that had proved futile for other doctors.

He believes that education and knowledge are important aspects that influence success. “Acquiring education makes you an incredible person,” he says. “Above all, learn to exercise your mind in reading.”

It’s good to have mentors in your life that encourage you when feeling depressed. Kindness and humbleness are aspects that saw Carson overcome his situation to become a well-renowned neurosurgeon.

The doctor established Carson scholar’s fund that has funded more than 3000 college students. He has used this fund as a way of showing his commitment to giving back to society. The scholarship rewards the excellent, smart and hardworking students with exceptional academic achievements.

Just like Carson, everyone can transform his childhood and control his future. The important thing to remember is, Never Give Up.

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