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Meet the Super-Rich and Generous Black Celebrity

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There is a quote that says, “No man can become rich without giving to others.” Thus, stars have come out to generously share and give back to their community. Most of them are famous artists, businessmen, and real estate tycoons who have donated millions to the less fortunate in the society.

Christopher Brian, known as Ludacris on stage, is a black-American hip hop artist from Atlanta. Born in 1977, he is one of the best rappers to achieve outstanding success in the music industry. He has won several Awards which have made him among the top black millionaires in America.

Ludacris seems not to have forgotten the black families in America with his charitable contributions. In 2011, he committed himself to joint philanthropic efforts entitled “Better World Books” and “Do Something.” The aim of the movements was to restock books in New Orleans Library.

In 2002, at the beginning of his music career, Ludacris started his foundations as a way of donating to the black community. The Ludacris Foundation has impacted positively to the homeless and neglected children. The great foundation has inspired youth education and leadership to hopeless children across the country.

Between the years 2015-2017, the organization has raised close to $1 million to help the next generation of kids. During a recent interview, Ludacris told the Billboard that every year they welcome new children into the foundation.

The artist has established a yearly celebration, Luda-day Weekend, which is attended by top celebrities. The event reviews the milestones achieved in transforming the future of Atlanta youths.

The Ludacris Foundation has its headquarters in Georgia with a mission statement of, “To support groups and entities that support and serve the needs of abused, neglected, or homeless children.”

Since it is a non-profit organization, it focuses on three primary objectives; healthy lifestyles, leadership, and education. The reputable organization has a small number of partners and sponsors, with Ludacris funding the biggest portion.

Recently, the Ludacris Foundation was named among the top non-profit philanthropic organizations, with outstanding efforts in supporting the less fortunate in the urban community.

Ludacris is one of the few famous black celebrities with a real heart for charity.

Even though he gives contributions, he doesn’t seek recognition. Most celebrities who give back to society brag about it. What they forget to realize is that such donations are intangible and only increase your public value and self-worth.

Ludacris deserves a round of applause for his leading societal role in supporting the children, since they are the future generation. Thanks to the Ludacris Foundation, which has helped more than 5000 students seeking financial assistance, education, and leadership empowerment.

By: Susan Johnes

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