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By Susan Johnes

Relationships are the hardest task ever because they take substantial time to find a perfect one. Moreover, they have good times and bad times. Parting ways with your long-term spouse are perhaps the most resentful moment since they leave you in a resentful state and with a bitter feeling.

You might think of quitting when your relationship follows the rough path. However, a critical intervention is to learn to deal with problems because it will increase your strength and connection towards your spouse. The presence of kids might bind you in your relationship even after breaking with your spouse. It is unfortunate that occasionally, you may end up involving your innocent children in the matter failing to recognize that you are worsening the situation.

Frequently, ladies bear the brunt of the failed relationship. They slander and malign their ex-spouse with terrific remarks. They utter offensive words in the presence of their children calling him names like stupid, idiot and lazy among other non-reputable insults. Surprisingly, they bad-mouth about their spouse when the kids are looking, moving to the extent of saying that “your dad doesn’t love you.”

Apparently, the offensive insults to your spouse violate the golden rule of divorce, “you should not talk ill of your ex in the presence of your kids.” Keep in mind that revenge makes ladies engage in such acts to neutralize their anger. Visiting a counselor is the best alternative to such ladies. However, they should note that they are no longer hurting their ex with the insults, but rather their kids.

Undermining the relationship between the children and their father only complicates the situation and makes things difficult for you. It leads to emotional abuse to the kids leaving them with deep, long-term emotional scars.
Talking ill about your spouse involves a variety of ways apart from the tradition name insults. With the increase in technology levels, some ladies have gone to social media and openly criticized their ex.

An intelligent woman will understand that a failed relationship isn’t the end of life. Thus they will dedicate their time to rebuild it with their kids, talking with them freely, and assuring them that everything is okay. Such ladies can further convince their children that they will get to see their dad or mom soon.

It’s time to stop the badmouthing and the unwarranted blame against your spouse. However much frustrated you feel, choose to act intellectually. Absorb the pain silently for the sake of your children because lying to them about their father doesn’t help. However much you try to paint a bad picture of your ex, he will remain to be the father of your kids at the end of the day.

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