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By Susan Johnes

Keep in mind that selfishness is a natural behavior which arises without our consent. Clashes are inevitable in the workplace because of the urge of being successful in the business environment and command a lot of respect.

It calls for your self-esteem to overcome such an attitude at the workplace. Even though we are discouraged from being selfish, at times, it may become equally important. Below are the advantages of being selfish in the workplace.

Being selfish will make you earn respect from colleagues. You will have a clearly drawn boundary that will get you full utilization of your time. Equally, you will follow your plans to the latter rather than being pushed around to work at will. Therefore, you will develop a healthy workplace reputation.

Selfishness in the workplace will make colleagues avoid taking you for granted. You will finish your share of work on time at the expense of others. Such an attitude keeps away the joyriders and the people who are perhaps too lazy to complete their assigned tasks. You will be a real lady when you don’t get drained to the demands of others, making you an outstanding girl.

Thirdly, selfishness helps you maintain your priorities at the right time. With this in mind, you will; ensure that you finish the assigned task before you jump on to a friend’s request. For instance, if you have a research work on your computer, and you do it halfway then a friend comes and asks to use your computer because theirs have experienced a breakdown, you won’t allow them a chance until you finish your project.

Selfishness increases your productivity in the workplace. If you are selfish, you will consistently engage yourself in significant activities, and thus you will always be too busy to meet your deadlines. Therefore, such a character saves you from a direct encounter with the manager about non-performing behavior. In fact, you will supersede your daily target since you will lack time to consider people’s favor.

The secret towards increased productivity at work is the development of a to-do list. It will act as a guidance of your day at the workplace. With each task given a particular time, you won’t give in for the unnecessary interruptions, and thus, you will probably stay focused. At the end of the day, you will be surprised to find that you have saved around 1-2 workplace hours which you can use to engage in other relevant activities. With all said, I’m in full support of women, especially empowered black women, exhibiting selfishness in the workplace.

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