Foxy Brown Jumps In to Defend Nicki Minaj With New Diss Track… It’s Trash Though

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Since the opinions of the internet have seemed to sway in the direction of agreeing that femcee Remy Ma has officially taken things to a whole new level when releasing her second diss track in a row for rapper Nicki Minaj, it now looks that Foxy Brown has taken it upon herself to step into this new millennial battle and make the cards on the table a little more interesting.

Though the legendary rapper just gave birth to a baby girl this past week, it’s apparent that Mommy duties are off the table because she has chosen to insert herself in their petty conversation, unleashing the track “Breaks Over.”

Minaj still has yet to respond to the diss that first came out a week ago, called ‘Shether’, and fans are waiting for her to address the low blows that were made visible on the female diss track. However, until that time, though it probably will never come, fans are welcomed to listen to Foxy blow off some steam in the track that many feel is quite unnecessary

In her teaser that was posted to SoundCloud, the Brooklyn-native is heard spitting over Jay Z’s ‘Takeover’ beat, which was produced by Kanye West. Her decision to use that particular instrumental was detrimental because of the history that it carries in the Nas and Prodigy beef that Hov had with the two legendary emcee’s back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Considering the fact that Foxy does have a heated history of rap and hip-hop beefs, mainly involving people like Lil’ Kim of Bad Boy, it is extremely interesting that after teaming up with Minaj to throw shade at Kim, she is now stepping in to fight the battle of the decade for the self-proclaimed Barbie once again when speaking on Remy Ma.

Does she still got bars though? Let us know in the comments section and take a listen to the track’s preview below.

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