Top Celebrities Who Are Attracted to Younger Men

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By: Susan Johnes

As the common saying goes, “love has nothing to do with age.” However, you ought to balance your young dating age so that you don’t create a spur on the society due to old age dating.

We have realized a tendency of older women dating younger men in the modern society. Certainly, this is something that is accepted since age is nothing but a number.

With attention to celebrities, they have proved that older women are vibrant and younger at heart. With this in mind, we should eliminate our misconception that such women are dull and boring.

Mariah Carey

She is a top known R&B artist who has spent quite some time in the music industry. She is 46 years old. In reality, this celebrity has continuously got attracted to younger men. In December 5th, 2016, Bryan Tanaka aged 33, broke the silence by saying that he was in a relationship with the pop superstar.

Tanaka has been dancing for Carrey since 2005. He went ahead and explained in details, “I have always had one thing for Carrey, I love her so much,” he said. Equally important, Tanaka added that mutual admiration connected them back in the day and that they were going to make a history.

Correspondingly, Carey reacted by saying, “It’s nice especially if you’ve worked with somebody in the past…” The two have spent time together, and they are all over each other. We can remember that mid-last year, Mariah Carey split with her ex-lover, James Packer for unknown reasons.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is an American singer, actor and fashion designer. She is aged 47, and recently she admitted the stigma of dating younger men.

We can best remember her song “Ain’t your Mama” which perhaps can take you home if she likes you. Up to the present time, she has maintained her curves and beauty which can attract more men by her side.

Her recent dating rumor involved her ex-dancer Casper Smart, the innocent looking 29-year-old. The 18 years age difference really shocked her fans. The two had met on a set of Carey’s music videos to the extent of getting children with him. She dated him for five years.

Currently, we have rumors that Jennifer has moved to dating Drake. Late last year, the two spent some time together and on that condition, Drake insinuated his desire to have kids with Jennifer. In a recent interrogation, Lopez exposed that she spent her Valentine’s Day with Drake.

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