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Fake Doctor Charged With Murder of a Teen

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By Susan Johnes

A transgender teen died after receiving silicone injections from an unlicensed plastic surgeon. Symone Marie Jones, 19, passed away after having received the injections from Kavonceya Iman Cornelius, who is also transgender.

The teenager died a few days following the receipt of the ‘off market’ implants at the Salisbury, North Carolina home of Cornelius, on 12 January. Reports say that Cornelius used non-medical grade silicone and did not hold a license to perform the surgery.

According to the family of the deceased teen, the young girl believed that Cornelius was a qualified expert for a legal plastic surgery clinic in Charlotte.

Unfortunately, the silicone “cut her lungs,” causing internal bleeding. The family organized a memorial fund drive “GoFundMe” page set up to cover the costs.

Jones began her transition last year after she received breast implants from a plastic surgeon in Miami. She knew from the age of two that she was transgender and occasionally pleaded with her mother, who advised her not to undertake the injections because it could be dangerous.

Another victim, also transgender, recently tipped off police in February after receiving bum injections from Cornelius. Eboni Bernard, 29, was hospitalized after having received the injection from Cornelius. The silicone traveled from the site of the injection, through a vein and into her lungs.

Cornelius has surrendered to police and held without bond at the Rowan County Detention Centre. Her first appearance will be on Wednesday.

We have experienced an increasing trend of silicone injections in the recent past. To be a transgender means that one identifies with a gender other than the biological. The individuals experience transition on their physical nature, mental capability, and emotional change to better reflect their gender.

As transgender people make many choices about transitioning, they fail to account for the side effects. We make different changes in different orders and different ways.

Transgender people who seek a change of designation of sex may find that it is a complicated, frustrating and drawn-out process. There is a broad range of side effects which can affect the functioning of vital body organs such as the Kidney and the lungs, resulting in death.

Police report that Cornelius got involved in the unlicensed procedure on Feb 13th. Cornelius now faces second-degree murder charges. Her crime records comprise receiving a year’s probation for driving under the influence in Cabarrus County in 2013. She has also encountered convictions in Mecklenburg County of soliciting for soliciting a crime against nature by maintaining a place for prostitution, larceny, and loitering for prostitution.

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