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Facts Every Woman Should Know About Depression

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By Susan Johnes

Female patients diagnosed with depression are increasing by the day. The usual signs of symptoms include difficulty in sleeping, feelings of anger, aggression, loss of interest in work, family or hobbies, sadness and low self-esteem.

The most frequent victims of depression are ladies in their adolescence and seniors. Therefore, depressed people should seek treatment so they can recover and feel normal again.
Weird facts about depression

 There are hopes and optimism
You know depression is a liar because it robs your hope and without it means that you are living in a world where you expect the worst. Whatever the situation that you are dealing with, remember you have people who care about you and your feelings. Thus expect positive outcomes in your life.

 Talking about it can save your life

The first thing to remember is getting help by speaking it out. Depression and suicide are concurrent. Speaking out gives you the power to maintain and tackle it. Even if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your parents about it, there are capable people such as friends, family doctor, teachers and community leaders.

Why are females vulnerable to depression than males?

• Women have different levels of hormones like serotonin, estrogen which are fluctuating. Thus they are more likely to suffer from depressive symptoms.

• All women have a menstrual cycle which is a major factor that makes them more vulnerable to stress and depression. During menstrual cycles, virtually anything could impact a woman’s mood and trigger depressive episodes. Besides, women become more susceptible to depression threats during pregnancy periods or menopause

• Women may develop different depression symptoms like anxiety/panic attacks from severe sexual traumas like rape or other abuse. It’s these particular situations that cause unique female types of depression to appear.

What are the signs and symptoms?

The symptoms of depression can appear at anyone at any phase of life. However, it is more prevalent in middle-aged women.

Teenagers become victims of this condition as well. They withdraw from the society and appear to be sad. Alternatively, they develop a reaction to aggression, rage, and irritability.

Adult women tend to have the following symptoms; persistent sadness, irritability, fatigue, a sudden change in appetite, disruption of normal sleep pattern, low self-esteem, and recurrent thoughts of suicide.

On the negative, most people fail to acknowledge or seek professional help for their depression due to various myths associated with the disorder. Some of the misconceptions linked are; it is a sign of weakness, and it is a burden to the society.

Depression becomes fatal in our lives if left untreated. It disrupts both our professional and personal life thus medical intervention is necessary.

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