Dr. Miami Comes for Nicki Minaj During The Worst Week of Her Career

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Even though we have moved into 2017 and really should know better than to take part in this foolery, the internet has suddenly began to completely roast female emcee and self-proclaimed Barbie, Nicki Minaj from head to toe over her butt implants, lack of lyrical defense and so much more.

This all comes after Remy Ma dropped her ‘Shether’ diss, which completely bodied the Young Money artist and we still have yet to hear a rebuttal.

However, it now seems that Dr. Miami is coming for Minaj and he is the last person that we’d thought would have ever gave a damn about the ‘Check It Out’ songstress, her booty or anything else that involves the life of the black female celebrity.

The famous Brazilian Butt Lift expert allegedly took to his Snapchat account with a signed photo of Nicki while at Bal Harbor Plastic Surgery Associates, and this is what caused her to tweet him back in December of 2015, looking for an explanation as to why he’d posted the picture.

“Did u put a pic of me on ur snap chat Monday? Some1 took a screenshot. What were u insinuating? I’m unfamiliar w/what u do. @TheRealDrMiami

Now, flash forward to more than two years later and Dr. Miami is back at it, making implications that when Minaj’s booty starts to sag, he won’t be available for assistance to fix the tarnished back-cheeks.

“Too bad I’m booked til 2019 @NickiMinaj.”

So, what are your thoughts on what Dr. Miami had to say? Do you think it’s unfair that people are coming at Nicki Minaj now? Or do you think she is getting what she deserves since the release of Remy Ma’s diss track?

Let’s not forget, many believe that she is the one who’d started the beef in the first place.

Check out the ‘Shether’ track below and tell us what you’re thinking:

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