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By Susan Johnes

The beef between the two artists started when Soulja Boy commented on an Instagram post from Karrueche, Chris Brown’s ex. It followed a series of viral attacks from Mr. Boy to Chris.

Seemingly, Rihanna has also played a part in accelerating their beef. Brown split with Rihanna in the year 2009 after which Soulja Boy dated her for some time.

The renowned R$B singer is said to be protecting her ex-girlfriend with his constant suggestive comments on Instagram which the lady hardly responds. Besides, some of the new Brown’s latest songs were purposely written to win the girl.

The two rappers got in threats of physical violence with Soulja Boy ushering aggressive verbal attacks to Chris Brown on Twitter. It is important to realize that Soulja Boy has for the past few years experienced a diminishing career in music and thus he gets the ample time to engage in such unnecessary act.

Soulja Boy went further to post a live video on Instagram where he is in the streets and extremely aggravated to have a fight with Chris.

In the event, the hot lady responded calmly with her tweeter post. “I’m just okay…the drama between the two artists is ridiculous and senseless,” she said. Additionally, she added how she feels about her lowered dignity and reputation. “This isn’t funny; it’s draining my fans. There is much in life than the Twitter beef,” she concluded.

The grudge has brought to attention two world champion fighters of all time, that is Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather. Soulja boy locked in Floyd whereas Brown preferred Mike Tyson who vowed to teach him all tricks to use aginst his opponent in the boxing arena. Chris issued a challenge on the boxing ring to settle the beef with up to three rounds. The two went a step further and set $1 million for the bet.

Keep in mind that Soulja Boy is an Atlanta rapper whose song “Crank Dat” released in 2007, made him among the famous upcoming artist. On the other side, Brown has spent quite some years in the music industry. Therefore, we can realize that there isn’t any competition between the two artists in terms market command and the financial aspect.

Celebrity beef is the most dangerous category since hatred and rivalry characterize it. We can remember the beef between Tupac and Biggie which was endless until they died. In the modern society, there are important ways of addressing grievances rather than going to social media and tweet the call-outs.

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