Another Misfortune Befalls Kanye West

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By Susan Johnes

Kanye West and his wife Kim have followed a tough year with series of doom. Recently, the rapper’s cousin Ricky Anderson and his family were left heartbroken after their son died in his sleep.

Avery recently celebrated his first birthday and reportedly didn’t have any previous signs of illness or distress. Ricky works at Kanye‘s Music in Los Angeles and is thought to be close to the star.

Ricky announced the devastating news on social media, telling his followers that he had experienced the worst day of his life by losing his little man and gained an angel. He posted emotional videos and photos of Avery on Instagram with adorable captions.

Some of the shared videos tagged Avery with her mother, Erica Page. No one can understand the heartbreak he’s experiencing after losing a healthy child with no previous signs of illness.

Kanye has not commented on the heartbreaking news. In the last few months, the star’s wife got robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

Besides, Kanye canceled his Saint Pablo tour after an onstage breakdown. Sources say that he stayed in the hospital for more than one week with doctors saying he had psychological stress.

Kim opened up about the terrifying moment, and she recalled the seeing masked men broke into her apartment. They asked her for money and threatened to shoot her after exposing their guns.

Leaked police transcript shows the description given by the reality star Kim Kardashian. “I was tied up at gunpoint while almost naked and pushed out of the hotel room by a gang of armed thugs.”

The 36-year-old star had £8.5million worth of jewels stolen in the raid at a Paris hotel. She says the attackers grabbed her, while she was wearing only a bathrobe, and bound her with tape while they emptied her purse.

Kim has been doing much better since the terrifying robbery incident. However, there are some rumors that her marriage to Kanye took a turn for the worse after her horrific Oct. 2016 robbery, and its alleged a breakdown.

The rumor is unconfirmed since they have remained a united front, and both appeared to be in good spirits.

Hopefully, Kanye and his family can lean on each other to get through this tough time, and our prayers matter a lot during this difficult time.

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