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America’s First Black President Signs a Book Deal

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By Susan Johnes

The America’s first African-American president has signed an agreement to publish his memoirs with New York-based Penguin Random House. The publisher giant announced last week that it had signed a deal with Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama.

Undisclosed reports claim that the bidding of the two books amounted to multi-million dollars with Financial Times estimating it to be $60 million.

On the same note, people have anticipated for Michelle’s memoir for a long time. Notably, she has gained more approval ratings with her charity works and campaign towards the less fortunate in the American state. At the time the family was leaving office, Michelle was the most respected and famous woman in the US.

We can remember that the former president and his first lady previously published their books with Penguin Random House. “We are utterly delighted to continue our publishing partner with Mr. and Mrs. Obama. With their words and their leadership, they changed the world, and we try to portray the same in the books that we publish at Penguin,” the publishers CEO Markus said in a statement.

The two personalities engaged in the plans about publishing their books to give charity donations from their proceeds with an aim to support the globally known, Obama Foundation.

Multiple publishers were in the hunt for the competitive bid since Obama was the finest modern president. Therefore it is assumed that the published books will produce substantial returns. Additionally, we can remember the million-selling of his books, Dreams from My Father and the Audacity of Hope.

Not to say, it is a tradition for top US politicians to publish their memoirs when out of office or once they become a public figure. Bill Clinton published his presidential memoir; My Life released in the year 2004 and gained $15 million. Similarly, George W Bush’ book found a broad audience hence experiencing a million-sellers.

Equally, Hillary Clinton received $14 million for the publication of ‘Hard Choices” which gives an account of her lifetime as secretary general in the Obama administration.

Obama has since pledged to maintain low public profile after he left the oval office. The former president isn’t in good terms with the current President, Trump. He has vowed to speak in extreme cases where he feels the threat towards the America’s core values.

Unlike the former US presidents who settle out of the city after office, the Obama’s have decided to rent a mansion in Washington’s posh Kalorama District. Their argument for that is to allow their youngest daughter Sasha to finish her studies.

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