Yandy Smith Spoke About Being “Spiritually” Married to Mendeecees & New Wedding Plans

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Reality star Yandy Smith is now making plans to go ahead and legally marry the father of her children and former reality star, Mendeecees Harris, after backtracking on her original decision to only “marry him through spirit.”

As Smith explained to Bossip, “We have definitely decided to go ahead and do the paperwork and all that stuff, not that I was so concerned or cared about that stuff, but it meant a lot to him. So it was only right.”

She also added that it would have been more difficult to get the legal marriage done only because of Harris’ current situation. He was sentenced to eight years of prison time for illegal drug trafficking.

“With him being away, we have to re-register, get things notarized and all that stuff,” she said.

She also said that even with this legal marriage on the way, she still won’t be able to take part in conjugal visits because Harris is still living in a federal prison. However, she stays hopeful that he will be able to get out earlier than expected.

“You will absolutely see Mendeecees sooner than you think,” she said. “They put in a motion, so we’ll see what happens.”

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