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By: Susan Johnes

Hello everyone, you need to get out of your comfort zone and make more friends. I mean someone whose presence makes you feel comfortable through their support and affection. Ideally, we trust our friends more than our parents. Even though a good friend is hard to find, they play a pivotal role and important part in our lives.
Friends enhance the pleasure of life and improve the quality of our health. Since friends are a blessing from God, we need them to experience a maximum life since they share our emotions. Friends give an advice and encouragements to damaged situations thus relieve our entire brain’s stress. The greatest trust makes us share our secrets, fears, desires, and problems with our friends.

Problems are inevitable in human life. By having good friends, we get solidarity spirit assistance. Friends help us solve the modern social problems such as divorce, poverty, and unhappiness. Nevertheless, I believe that friends assist in addressing our misfortunes in life. Such includes providing refuge and comfort when in sorrow. In the case of a failed marriage, friends are handy since they motivate us with their love thus improve our strength and the wider positive perspective of life.

Surprisingly, our most valuable friends influence our behaviors. The common saying that “birds of the same feather flock together,” holds in this case. If your friend is happy, you are likely to be five times more comfortable. If you have a friend at work, you feel more committed to performing. Having a friend at work is a critical determinant of happiness hence improved productivity. Friends enhance our moods and emotional functioning.
We are a social species; therefore we need to be occasionally appreciated. Due to the demands of life, we are always vulnerable to loneliness. My viewpoint to curb such experience is through getting a friend. The significant association gives you a sense of belonging and thus an unexpected change in your attitude. It is essential to make more friends since they help us celebrate memorable victories by exchanging their care.

Therefore, evaluate yourself. Know the type of friends you desire and increase their numbers. In this world, you cannot be alone without someone to lean on. For a flourishing society, it is essential to have as many friends as you can. It’s real; get more friends whether in an awkward place or an ordinary situation. Don’t just make sexual kind of friends, have them in a variety. Have workplace friends, school friends, relationship friends, platonic friends.

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