This Monthly Subscription Box Teaches Children About Black History Year Round

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By, Jen Nicole

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You know, I know that many Black parents would love to be able to teach their kids Black history all year long or even at all, but many parents work a 40 hour work week and don’t have the time and some don’t really know where to start, or what to really teach and that is okay because the Heritage Box is here to assist you with that.

Heritage Box is a monthly subscription box specially curated for children to ensure they receive age appropriate books and activities involving Black history. Each month is an exciting cultural adventure that all children will love!

February is Black History Month but Black history happened and is happening every single day-365 days a year and our children need to know that, feel that, live that and breathe that, you feel me?

This is why the Heritage Box is so important. Our children should be learning about themselves and the people they come from everyday and not just think their history is only important to discuss or even think about one month out of the year. Also we need to raise a proud, self -aware and empowered generation of Black children!

Get into the Heritage Box today!

“In 2016, their families received travel boxes on the following Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya. They also received themed boxes on Ancient Africa, Kings and Queens of Africa, Invasion of Africa, Pre-Columbus exploration of the world by Africans. They look forward to continuing their exploration of Black people’s history and visiting more African countries this year! In honor of Black History Month, their new subscribers will be receiving an Inventor Spotlight box which has been receiving rave reviews from our subscribers! It comes with 2 books on the inventions of African Americans, flashcards highlighting our achievements, a bookmark, pencil, bracelet, coloring book, a 3D custom made puzzle activity set where children get to learn about 4 inventions in the field of light about African Americans (the lamp bulb carbon filament, lantern, on/off switch, traffic light). Older children also get to build an electric circuit to go with the puzzle! The package comes will all the supplies needed for the activities.”-

About Heritage Box
“The founders of Heritage Box are parents of young children who were passionate about teaching their children their history and about Africa. It proved challenging to do this consistently, and they realized that a lot of other parents had the same challenges. Parents who adopt children of African heritage also face this challenge, and were in need of such a tool. So, Heritage Box was created to aid families in raising self-aware and confident children! For more details, visit

Trish Lewis, CEO
Heritage Box
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