The Outstanding Art of Australia’s Oldest Painter

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By: Susan Jones

Classical artistic techniques present an accurate and magical picture impression that evokes our wildest feelings. Artists used the idea of arts to depict the notion of visual language, giving an elegant eye-appealing framework. Authors engage their artistic skills to portray the beauty of pleasing objects through painting. An artwork unifies different cultures and reduces the gender gap, age gap, and the class levels gap.

Loongkoonan: Age is just a number

Even at the age of 105 years, Loongkoonan has lived to maintain her artistic standards. She has an outstanding skill, committed to scholarly excellence. Loongkoonan’s typical architecture leaves you fascinated with the beauty of nature, representing the natural environment in this golden age of art enlightenment.

She has managed to produce award-winning art pieces, making her one of the Australia’s greatest artist. The old painter exhibits a decorative art with several professional combinations of colors, which signifies a magical thought in our mind, making her work more attractive.

What Inspired Loongkoonan to Venture in Painting?

  • The humble and soft-spoken elder started painting in her early 90s. Born at around 1910 in Nyikina village, Loongkoonan enjoyed foot walking in her country, occasionally coming across bush tucker and medicines. She says, “I enjoyed foot walking with my grandparents in Nyikina. Foot walking was the only way to learn about the country’s traditional medicine.” The experience from her village at childhood marked her painting foundations.
  • The continuous journey during the wet seasons endowed Loongkoonan with basic traditional systems of her culture. As a result, she got attracted to the in-depth cultural analysis of her country which accelerated her view of preserving the culture. She says, “I represent Nyikina in painting, the same way eagles view it up in the sky.”
  • Loongkoonan wanted to keep herself busy in her 90s by engaging her childhood memories in a ranch. The old painter wanted to record her memory for the cultural appreciation of her country.

The milestone made by the painter

Her one-finger artistic talent had begun with a very simple pure art, before progressing to complex multiple levels. Since she is a natural artist, Loongkoonan is passionate about her paintings because of the sweet memory about her country.

Her paintings have a grid-like pattern that clearly represents Nyikina country. It’s something amusing that 100 years old painter can generate an incredible magical art that in overall affects the artistic world.

Loongkoonan’s work showcases in the art gallery of South Australia. Her name features in the most media spotlight because of the depiction of her brightly colored paintings representing nature.

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