New TV Special Claims Bobbi Kristina Tried to Stab Her Mother

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It has always been public knowledge that the home life of Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston was far from normal as both of the late celebs dealt with many of their own personal battles of substance abuse and toxic romantic relationships. Even though it did seem as if Houston and Brown were each other’s shoulder to lean on, a new television special makes claim that the mother and daughter duo had a volatile relationship of their own and things allegedly became violent between the two of them.

According to Rollingout, the special, Autopsy: The Last Hours of Bobbi Kristina Brown, which aired on Reelz just nights ago, showed a so-called celebrity expert Ian Harperin, who’d also written Whitney and Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame. He’d made claims in the special that despite just how much Houston and Brown loved one another, their relationship could get a little rocky at times.

Harperin also claimed that Brown was always aware of how unstable her mother was when dealing with her battles of addiction and the two women allegedly got into a heated argument because of it.

“She knew her mother was a ticking time bomb because of all the drugs, all of the emotional fragility,” he said on the special. “She would try not to go against her, although there were a couple of times when violence broke out. She once tried to stab her mother!”

As many fans may already know, Houston passed back in 2012 after she was found submerged face down in a Beverly Hills hotel bathtub. Brown died just three years later, only six months after she was also found in the same compromising and deadly position as her mother.

Brown’s boyfriend and adopted brother, Nick Gordon, denied having anything to do with either of their untimely deaths, though he was connected to the passing of both women after he’d allegedly found her and her mother on those fateful nights in 2012 and 2015.

Brown’s estate now has a multi-million dollar lawsuit against him.

Even though the daughter of singer Bobby Brown did have a turbulent relationship with Houston and Gordon, a forensic pathologist reviewed Brown’s autopsy and claimed that it appeared as if she’d tried to hurt herself on several occasions.

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