Mama Dee Supports Donald Trump & People Are Not Happy

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Welp, from the looks of it black celebrities just never seem to learn their lesson when it comes to speaking in support of president Donald Trump.

The new POTUS has yet to gain any A-List support (even after being canceled out by Kanye West), however, he does have a very strong fan base amongst other reality television stars.

So, with that being said, we can now put another reality star on his list of celebs and that is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mama Dee.

The mother of Lil’ Scrappy recently gave her opinion on the president in a radio show interview and though her thoughts were unpopular, she still stands by what she’d said… as we all know that she does.

The matriarch of the VH1 based show paid a visit to iHeartRadio where the topic of Donald Trump first came up.

After admitting that she’d never actually voted, here is what she had to say about our latest Commander in Chief: “I’m gonna be frankly honest… I did not vote and I am glad I didn’t. Wanna know why? It wouldn’t have counted anyway,” she said. “We should have an election of just ‘electoral’ votes and let the United States vote… If you were going to have a vote based off of electoral votes, why would you have all of these folks get up in the morning and take their lunch breaks, get in long lines, vote early? None of it counted!”

And it seemed to only get worse from there. She’d then went on to say that she supports Trump, his immigration policies and even wants him to go as far as building that wall.

“I believe in his policies on immigration… I think they should pay for the wall,” she continued. “Mexicans wanna come over here and make money. They come over here for every dollar; it’s two or three of em’… and they come over here not paying taxes… they should pay for it.”

Watch the full interview, below:

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