Is The Patriots Victory A “WIN” For The White Race? Alt Right Richard Spencer Thinks So

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By, Jen Nicole

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So, I am not hip to sports like that, but I did watch Super Bowl 51 and had several men in my life brief me on the differences between the teams playing, specifically the Patriots; I.E.- Tom Brady being the leagues golden boy and a cheater and a player many players from other teams know not to hit, because the league finds ways to fine them if they hit him. Oh and also the fact that Brady and the coach of the Patriots are Trump supporters, and that there are a sizable amount of white boys on the Patriots roster(but many white boys play in the NFL anyway).

Of course being that I live in Atlanta aka Blacklanta, as I like to call it lol, and they are considered the underdog I was rooting for my home team, and was truly devastated at the loss we took yesterday.

Who was not devastated about the loss though was Alt Right/White Supremacist, Richard Spencer who was thrilled at the Patriots 5th Super Bowl win and even went as far to say that this was a “WIN” for the white race.

Oh no, seriously, that’s what he said!

                                                   Tom Brady, Super Happy                                                        White Supremacist, Richard Spencer

Here is Spencer’s official tweet:

So, my only thought is, I wonder how the 33 Black players on the Patriots football team feel about that comment.

See here’s the thing, yes Tom Brady is a Trump supporter and so is the Patriots coach, but lets be honest here folks, regarding the game(which is what really matters and not fake symbolism), do you really think that if the 21 white players on the Patriots roster made up the entire 54 something player roster, that they still would have won the game, or any of the other 4 Superbowls they won?


See folks, these White Supremacist masking as “Alt Right” individuals- whatever that even means want to take credit for things they simply can’t, like this Super Bowl win.

YES, football has a good amount of white players, and that includes the Patriots roster, but in reality this game could technically ONLY be a “WIN” for the white race, if all the players on the team were white and folks, MAJORITY of the players on the Patriots are Black! Yeah, some of them are bench warmers, but many of them aren’t. So take that to the bank Richard Spencer, that check I am sure will cash, your’s not so much!



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