Is O.J. Simpson On His Way Out of Prison?

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Could O.J. Simpson be getting out of prison this year?

The former NFL star has been locked away in Lovelock Correctional Facility since 2008, and he could now be up for parole as soon as this upcoming summer. Simpson has been labeled, according to corrections officers, as “the best prisoner [they’d] ever had,” spending time mopping floors, coaching sports, mentoring younger inmates and preventing trouble from happening.

It was good behavior, which allowed him to earn parole for five of his charges back in 2013.

According to David Smith, one of the Nevada parole board members, he is now allegedly scheduled to be eligible for parole on October 1, and parole hearings usually begin a few months before then. Therefore, Simpson could go before the parole board this summer, meaning that he could possibly get out by the fall. Otherwise, he will remain in jail until 2022, when he will be 75.

Even if Simpson is granted his freedom, he will still have to check in with his parole officer and gain permission to travel outside of the state of Nevada. He will also be liable for the millions of dollars that he allegedly owes to the Goldman and Brown families, the families of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend that were murdered back in 1994.

Let’s all just wait and see what the future holds for Simpson if he is able to get out.

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