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Is Nicki Minaj’s Attitude Ruining Her Career?

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By, Jen Nicole 

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Wendy Williams is doing what she does best darling, giving us the tea! And the GAG is (LOL) love you KeKe Palmer, but no seriously and the GAG is Nicki Minaj’s bad attitude is causing her to miss out on checks.

Recently on the Wendy Williams Show, during hot topics Wendy brought up the fall out between Nicki and Giuseppe Zanotti, where Nicki accused him of using her for inspiration for his shoe collection and never sending her a check for it. Nicki accused him of being racist and basically just using her popularity to sell his shoes. But honey Wendy said, no, no, that is not the case.

Wendy said:

“Nicki, everybody knows you have a reputation for being very difficult to work with. And maybe the headaches you give people are not worth working with you. There’s something about your reputation Nicki, that has followed you almost since your career got started and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. And that maybe is why you’re not in the new Ocean’s 8 movie. Her name showed up in a meeting and it was like … And they called Rihanna and the rest was history.”


So basically Nicki-you are difficult to work with, and it’s causing you to loose money because of it!

What’s crazy is, a guy that works in the biz told me the same thing. Okay so if you did not know, I have worked on several sets, TV, Film and Music Video sets and run into people from all departments who have worked on all types of projects. So I remember one time I was working on a 5 Hour Energy commercial and I ran into a guy on set who was working in the electric department and he told me how he worked on several Young Money videos and how Nicki was the worst because she would show up to set like 4 hours late and she would be mad that people were mad she showed up late! I know crazy.

So what do you think, do you foresee an attitude adjustment in Nicki Minaj’s future or naw?


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