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Here’s Why Historians Ranked Obama The 12th Best U.S. President

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By, Jen Nicole

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Trump might be a blessing in disguise for the Obama legacy because Trump is a hot a** mess! Obama came into office, recovered jobs and the banking and auto industry. I mean he literally cleaned up the mess Bush left, which was a real mess, not the fake mess BS that Trump is saying that Obama left him. Then Trump came along and made it seem like he was going to completely destroy the positive impression that Obama left on the country but he is actually shining a brighter light on it through his stupidity.

Barack Obama was ranked number 12 of all United States presidents in a C-SPAN survey of 91 presidential historians published on Friday.

“It’s the highest showing for any president this soon after leaving office since Ronald Reagan, number nine on the list.”-

So how did Obama get ranked the #12 best President of all previous 43 Presidents?

“It was because of his “moral authority” and his actions to legalize marriage equality and dealing with the economy.

He did however receive low marks in international relations though.

“Other than Obama’s high-ranking, much of the list hasn’t changed, with the top spot once again going to Abraham Lincoln, with George Washington in second and both presidents Roosevelt right after that, with FDR in third and Teddy Roosevelt in fourth. James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson came in at the very bottom of the list.”-

“Once again the Big Three are Lincoln, Washington and FDR — as it should be,” said one of the shepherds of the survey, Douglas Brinkley of Rice University in Houston, adding, “That Obama came in at number 12 his first time out is quite impressive.”

Historian Edna Greene Medford from Howard University noted that it was possible Obama will rise up in the rankings over time, saying, “Historians prefer to view the past from a distance, and only time will reveal his legacy.”


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