Gay Boxer Beats The Breaks Off Barbershop Homophobe

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Former professional boxer and outted gay adult film star Yusaf Mack has now been caught on camera attacking a man after he’d allegedly made several homophobic remarks against him via the internet.

According to popular celebrity gossip site TMZ, Mack claims that the harassment had been going on for quite some time, and he’d retaliated in a Philadelphia barbershop. The media source also posted a video of the violent incident:

Per this report, witnesses claimed that Mack had assaulted the man while he was getting his hair shampooed. Paramedics were quickly called to the scene.

The former IBF middleweight champion spoke with TMZ, telling them that he had no regrets about the situation that took place, while the victim has already made it a point to take to social media and allegedly make even more homophobic comments about the boxer.

The man also said that the two of them would meet again: “Me and him gonna fight again.”

According to WTFX, Mack came out as gay in 2015, only one year after the fighter had his last match as a professional, which was a loss to Cory Cummings. The 37-year-old champ was 31-8-2 within his entire career, competing with the likes of Carl Froch and Daniel Judah.

So, what are your thoughts on this news? Do you think Yusaf should have handled things differently? Or was he well within his rights to defend himself, as well as his sexuality?

Comment below and tell me what you’re thinking.

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