Donald Glover & James Earl Jones Casted for Live-Action Remake of ‘Lion King’

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Donald Glover isn’t just one of the biggest rappers of our time, he is also an amazing singer, television show producer, comedian and actor.

Adding to his long list of recently amazing accomplishments, the young black talent will now be tapping in to play the exciting, curious and care-free cub-prince Simba from one of our favorite childhood movies, The Lion King, according to reports from RollingOut.

The news dropped just yesterday, February 17th, after director Jon Favreau revealed the cast of this project via social media, along with the amazing and exciting news that James Earl Jones would be reprising his role as the father of Simba. The one that many of us will remember as Mufasa.

Jones first brought the ruler of Pride Rock to life during the 1994 animated film from Disney.

The popular children’s television network was sure to be the first to announce the project last September, shortly after Favreau revealed to the world that his box-office hit, Jungle Book, would begin filming a sequel.

As for the new version of Lion King, it is allegedly going to use performance-capture technology, as well as computer-generated imagery, in order to bring all of the most familiar characters to life.

We can also expect a lively update on some of their most beloved songs from the original film.

Glover has been able to gain critical acclaim for his overnight sensation, Atlanta, which you can see on FX.

The show follows two cousins, speaking on their views when it comes to art, commerce and so much more.  The two of them navigate their way through the ATL rap scene and try to reach their ultimate goals of money, power and respect… Currently lacking all three.

Glover has also done films such as Spider-Man: Homecoming and the not-yet-titled Star Wars movie that we can all look forward to next year.

We are so happy for Glover and all of his success. What are your thoughts on this gig? Think he’s going to do an amazing job?

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