Did Trey Songz Just Confirm That The Rumors Are True?

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Remy Ma has gotten something started that seems to have a lot of people in their feelings. After dropping her diss track about Nicki Minaj, ‘Shether,’ it now seems as if people are looking over their shoulder to see who she is going to come for next.

During the heated diss, Remy dug up alleged dirt and was ready to dish it out at any cost, carelessly throwing singer Trey Songz into the mix, claiming that he’d allegedly slept with Nicki Minaj once upon a time.

During her diss track Remy says, “Mention guns, you P*ssy Galore, James Bond/Only time you touch a trigga is when you f***ed Trey Songz,” immediately inspiring the Internet to dive into the archives and try to pull up the receipts regarding the Bronx rapper’s allegations.

Once fans were finally able to take in the words that were spread across the vicious seven minute cypher, some Twitter users discovered several tweets from 2015 where Trey did openly deny rumors that he’d allegedly slept with Minaj, referring to the situation as an “urban legend,” and even addressing the rumor with rapper Meek Mill, who was Minaj’s boyfriend at the time.

However, once Songz caught wind of ‘Shether’ and the drama that came with it, he took to his Twitter account to fire off a series of reactions, none of which seemed to please Minaj in the slightest form.

“Even when you stay out of the way they will have ya name all in some s**t,” he posted vaguely on Twitter. “Wake up to new comedy everyday focus.”

The self-proclaimed Barbie wasn’t too happy to hear what Trey had to say following Remy Ma namedropping him in the song, responding, “Lol. Wut u SHOULD b saying is that it’s not true, seeing as it’s not. Real n****z do real things. I done gotchu 6 million plaques.”

From there, Songz fired back claiming that he never slept with Minaj and even sent her the past receipts to prove it. But, it looks like she must have missed that part.

“U shouldn’t have posted Smthn indirect in the first place,” Minaj clapped back. “N****z out here indirectly lyin on they dick now. bless your heart.”

Even though Minaj quickly deleted her tweets, Songz did continue to respond, reminding her of what is really important, saying “you need to be mad at Remy Nicki.” (So true… So true…)

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