Demi Lovato Claims She’s 1% African & Twitter Loses Their Sh*t

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Demi Lovato thought that she was doing the right thing by sharing some very personal news about herself, however, the internet has now dragged the white celeb straight to hell for her most recent tweets about her ethnic background.

Lovato was hit by a firestorm of Twitter users right after she’d shared the results of a DNA ancestry test just this past Friday.

Revealing that she’s mostly Hispanic, the 24-year-old also said that she is Native American, Scandinavian, Irish and British with 1% African in her… Duhh girl!

“I did a DNA test and found out I’m mainly Spanish, with Native American, SCANDINAVIAN (which I had NO idea), Irish, BRITISH….” She then continued on to say that she is also “1% African!!!!”

Lovato’s excitement over the news was perhaps expected, being that she has been pretty outspoken about her love for Africa and it’s culture. She’d celebrated her 21st birthday there by volunteering with a children’s charity and even got a tattoo of the continent on her arm.

“I went to Kenya and it was just a very, very inspirational journey that I feel like really had a huge impact on my life,” she told iHeart radio while discussing her ink. “I would’ve gotten Kenya but then people would have been like, ‘What’s that?’ So Africa’s a little more distinct.”

Needless to say, her test results weren’t received in the way that she’d wished.

@Flawless_Demi_ @ddlovato everybody is at least 1% African but you don’t see everyone running around with tattoos of Africa.”

The singer, who was first confident in her confession, went from excited to irritated in just a matter of minutes. In a follow-up Tweet, she called out some of her haters for being “mean [as f**k].”

“Just thought it was cool and totally random. Some of y’all are mean af. Twitter sucks. 😔”

A 2014 study once found that there are roughly about 6 million Americans who identify as white, however, they were all found to have some African ancestry in their blood. That is what equated to roughly 3.5 percent of self-described white Americans having about 1% or higher African ancestry, according to the Washington Post.

In order to gain that 1%, the individual would have an African relative down the line, no further than 7 generations.

So, what are your thoughts on ol’ girl being all hype over something that we all knew?

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