Cardi B Confirms her Dating Rumors

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By: Susan Jones

Cardi B, the famous hip-hop rapper has confirmed her dating rumors. Tommy, her former lover, has remained in prison for quite some time due to the gun charges against him.

Change of heart

“Love will always win,” this is a phrase relevant to most ladies. Nearly every girl rushes to relationships to find someone who can appreciate their entire whole. Being in a relationship further keeps your confidence level and maintains an average social life such as being more outgoing.

Because of circumstances facing Tommy in jail, Cardi B has changed her heart. The rapper has swiped her love from her long-term boyfriend, Tommy to Offset. Perhaps she couldn’t hold her patience due to the feeling of insignificance and lack of appreciation.

Proofs that the circulating rumor is true

  • The two rappers, Cardi B and Offset recently released their new collaboration, “Lick.” The song “Lick” was released last month and brought the two artists in the public limelight, confirming their relationship.
  • On the Valentine day, Cardi B posted a video together with Offset attending Super Bowl with the caption “Oooh hey babe.” The Valentine video further justifies the rumor.

The heat on social media against Cardi’s actions

Cardi B and Offset’s relationship have raised eyebrows in the social media. Cardi’s fans have criticized the moved by Cardi since she promised a prison wedding with Tommy the previous year. Fans view the move as unethical and betrayal to her long-term boyfriend, Tommy. “Cardi B has totally left me in shock,” one of her fans commented on her post. Her Twitter fan tweeted, “I won’t tolerate Offset and Cardi in my TL.”

However, unconfirmed rumor has it that Offset has more than one woman at a time. He has made Cardi think that she is the only lady. Hopefully, we will soon drop any update about the unconfirmed rumor.

Will her relationship with Offset affect her music career?

Offset and Cardi B are the newest hip-hop couple. Fortunately for Cardi, Offset makes her feel better when he is by her side. It looks like Cardi’s career will flourish and further spread her sales.

Both couples are real rappers. Cardi has released her second tape, and the relationship will revive her career. Combining the two rappers in one household is surprising since the Migos group has released the coolest song in the country, scoring position 2 in Billboard top 100 Countdown. She can capitalize on the relationship to increase her power rankings in her music career.

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