#BryandaNotes: Dear Mama Pence, “Black History Month?????”

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Hooray! It’s Black History Month and you all know what that means…overly concise and uneducated misconceptions about the impact that blacks have had on the world? NO! Of course not! This means very articulate and meaningful statements from one of the most influential people in the U.S. right now; statements that make you ever so thankful that you are no longer on the plantation where your importance lies.

Our beloved Vice President chose to kick off this very fruitful and minimalistic representation of a month with this darling statement via twitter:


(Here’s a screenshot in case it somehow gets deleted.)

All that I could think was wow…some people really don’t get it. Did the VP actually think that this was appropriate? Maybe he didn’t know what else to say…maybe all the ice-breaker websites were frozen? Perhaps no one ever told him that correlating the beginning of a month that no one asked for, that is supposed to uplift black people, (It’s inception was a celebratory prose from Carter G. Woodson’s “Negro History Week” which aimed to instill pride in blacks and celebrate achievements; recognized as an official celebratory month by presidents since 1976.)  with the ending of a period of time that we also didn’t ask for would be wrong…BECAUSE maybe no one ever told him THAT black history doesn’t start with slavery AND THIS IS NOT A PROPER SALUTE, KICK OFF, HOO-RAH, OR WAY TO INTRODUCE IT!

…And who’s month is it anyway? Years and years of the same rhetoric meanwhile the importance and acknowledgment of black people in society are still diminished to the freedom from slavery. When we are celebrated there’s always a white protagonist standing by waiting for the assist. Should we be thankful for our moment???? For him to solidify the 13th amendment’s impact on the black community with the concept of the beginning of Black History Month???????????????????? Where is mama Pence? We are looking for her.

Dear Mama Pence:

Why the hell didn’t you tell Mikey that Blacks have history before slavery? Why didn’t you take the time to inform him of the perils associated with the 13th amendment? Mikey doesn’t seem to know that this amendment made it even harder for black people to survive in America, and many of them were criminalized for normal citizen freedoms like owning a business or having a job. This wasn’t because the amendment specifically said that, no, it was because racists made it illegal to do certain things if you were black which made blacks criminals and then the 13th kicked in…and yeah girl I KNOW IT’S A LOT…but that’s not even my point. Do you like ignorance? A lot of my friends don’t and we would appreciate it if you had a family meeting pronto to inform Mikey of the most recent discoveries and developments in Black History…since he wants to be the kickstarter liaison. 

In conclusion, I would like to add that if you’re going to be involved with anything deemed Black History, then you should broaden your horizons and go beyond the recent travesties directly associated with the irreversible condemnation which black people have had to experience while being in America at the hands of white people, behind the leadership of white men. Make no mistake in knowing that pride is not transferable, yet the words and ways in which you convey a message to others have the power to transcend the feelings necessary to transform the world.



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