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And The White Boy Wept: Dylan Roof Is Now Attempting to Fight For Another Federal Trial

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The convicted killer in the Charleston church murder of nine innocent black victims, Dylann Roof, has now requested that he receive a new federal trial, claiming that prosecutors didn’t have the jurisdiction to bring a case against him.

Roof’s attorneys put in the request on Friday, saying that the government had allegedly failed to prove his use of the internet, highways and a gun that was manufactured out of state, which were all sufficient enough links to bring about religious obstruction charges.

Roof, 22, was sentenced to death earlier in the year for the killing of nine African American church members of Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church back in June of 2015.

In his videotaped confession when speaking with FBI agents, Roof openly admitted to his role in the killings and even told jurors that he still felt no compassion for the victims.

During the motion, Roof’s attorney argued in his favor that the case happened solely in South Carolina and only involved “incident and everyday use” of many areas that are affected by the commerce clause, such as the internet and many purchases from several websites.

Their argument only mirrored others that were made by Roof’s attorneys during his trial.

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