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This Makeup Artist Thought It Was Okay To Recreate Blackface… But Look At This Ugly Ish!

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SMH. Some people never learn and according to this makeup artist, she thought that it was completely okay to paint herself in blackface with a prosthetic nose.

Check out the ridiculous image below:

The foolish artist behind this foolish image is Sarah Rosenkilde and she’d recently found herself being roasted by everyone on Twitter, including white people, who’d called her out about her ignorance toward the African and African American community and culture.

Now, I have to ask,  is there some sort of white priveledge when you see so many whites catching backlash for the same old mistake.

Blackface is bad! Very, very bad… M’Kay? So Stop!!!!!

What are your thoughts on this image and the foolery that many whites have decided to take part in over the last several years when it comes to mocking the black culture?

Comment below and tell us what you think.

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