Plies’s Godly Twin Speaks Out On His Arrest

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According to popular celebrity blogging site TMZ, rapper Plies was recently arrested, just this past Tuesday, on charges of driving under the influence.

Considering that there are viral videos that have earned him massive internet credit, some people have found this incident to be a bit humorous. And joining the list of folks that have given their opinions on this situation is none other than his spiritual twin and Hollywood Look-A-Like, gospel singer Kirk Franklin.

When some Twitter users began retweeting an article that told the story of Plies’s DUI bust, one user captioned a photo that mentioned Franklin and his crazy resemblance to the ‘Bust It Baby’ rapper.

“Free my n**ga  [Kirk Franklin],” the user wrote. “He ain’t do nothing but worship God.”

Being that Franklin apparently has yet to let his deep involvement in the church whisk him away from his awesome sense of humor, he’d replied to the tweet by saying this:

“That’s funny, bro!,” he responded. “That’s all I did!”

Franklin’s respect from and for the hip-hop community isn’t too much of a shocker though, being that he did assist with Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo album. Their gospel-infused project was guided by Franklin and featured one of his sermons on West’s “Ultralight Prayer” track.

He’d also made a former deal with Plies, where he’d promised to take him up on his strip club offer if the Florida rap star would sit through an entire three-hour church service and attend a church barbecue afterward.

The deal never came to be. However there are no hard feelings between he and Pastor Plies.

We are hopeful that everything works out for Plies though. And we wish the two “twinsies” nothing but the best in their own separate endeavors.

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