Former President of Mexico Claims, “Mexico Will NEVER Pay for that F**king Wall!”

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As President Donald Trump gears up the plans for a new wall, the former President of Mexico had some very blatant remarks to make as interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Watch below:

The media feud between President Trump and Fox has been brewing for a while! Fox has been providing his own social media commentary on Trump, even taking jabs at his infamous, “Make America Great Again,” claiming that America was already great and, “then you happened!


Fox also points out the president’s aim to prevent the media from doing their jobs to the utmost of their ability; showing his valor as he points out his freedom of speech outside of the U.S.

The degradation of the free and open press has been observed on numerous accounts: throughout the campaign, leading into the election, and even into the first few days of his presidency as urges are made for “fact checks.” The rhetoric presented by Fox highlights one of the many perspectives of foreign powers. As the world continues to chime in on what’s happening here in America, one can only hope for justice and peace as we continue forward. Many are against building a new wall, and Fox even noted how the current wall covers 70% of the border (where people are actually located).

Is a new wall a solution to our problems with regards to immigration reform? How do you think the world will continue to respond to America if we focus all of our resources and efforts into infrastructure that won’t logically help us advance in the many years to come? What about wage gaps, green energy solutions, and the faulty education system that needs reform? How can we continue to compete as a world power if we are not focusing on preparing ourselves to compete globally?

Fox urges the rest of the world to ban together if the president doesn’t, “learn to behave.”


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