Reports also stated that there was DNA found at the scene on the hose clamp that matched the police records of someone who’d been locked up previously for armed robbery, and this ended up being the lead for authorities.
Police then spent days watching images around the hotel that were taken through surveillance before the robbery.
News hit back in October of 2015 that multiple masked men had entered into her Parisian hotel room and bound, gagged and held her at gunpoint. The wife of Kanye West was “badly shaken but physically unharmed” and reports say that she was robbed of $11 million worth of jewelry.
In the last three months that followed, Kardashian was sure to stay away from social media and out of the spotlight, along with Kanye West, who’d had a mental breakdown over the holidays.
Many are giving the Kardashian-West family the side-eye with all of this news, but being that suspects were arrested, do you think Kardashian might have been telling the truth?
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