John Legend Opens Up About Being Called A ‘Monkey’

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Singer John Legend recently revealed that a member of the paparazzi called him a “monkey,” during a recent chat with Variety Magazine at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

The alleged incident took place at New York City’s John F. Kennedy airport just last Thursday. Chrissy Teigen, Legend’s wife, the mother of his child, television host and cook book author, was also present during that time and even tweeted about the situation just moments later.

“Paparazzi at JFK just asked me if we evolved from monkeys, why is John Legend still around?” she wrote. “And people wonder why celebs lose it in pics.”

“We were right next to each other and we looked at each other like, ‘Did he really just say that?’” Legend, 38, elaborated to Variety on Saturday. “And he really said it. He basically called me a monkey.”

For Legend, the comment represented the pattern that exists in this country, which consists of taking away the humanity of African Americans, where there is a system that has stretched for generations, enraging itself into the fabric of the identity that our nation carries.

“Black folks have had to deal with being called monkeys for a long time and dehumanization has always been kind of a method of racism and subjugation of black people and that’s just part of American history – and it’s part of the present, apparently,” Legend, whose series Underground tells the story of the Underground Railroad, said.

“We saw with the former president, Obama, whenever people wanted to discount him or discount his wife, they compared them to apes. And we’ve seen that frequently. I’m not hurt by someone saying that to me because I’m smarter, I’m stronger. I look down on that person that would say something like that. But it’s a shame that it still exists.”

So, what are your thoughts on this news? Do you ever wonder how people can be so ignorant?

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