Jennifer Hudson Explains Why She’s Been Engaged For 9 Years

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Famous singer and actress Jennifer Hudson has been engaged for almost a decade to retired WWE wrestler David Otunga and, during that time, many have wondered why the pair have yet to walk down the aisle and make things official.

In a recent interview to promote her new gig as a judge on The Voice UK, Hudson answered that question and so much more.

“I mean, I feel like everything is about timing and our timing … He ain’t going nowhere,” the 35-year-old says, pointing to a photo of the couple behind her. “You see he’s still there. He can wait.”

The two of them got engaged back in September of 2008 on Hudson’s 27th birthday. They also share a seven-year-old son, David Otunga Jr. If it were up to their son, the singer and Harvard graduate would be married already, however, Hudson took out the time to explain their relationship in the eyes of the public.

Everyone has married us off anyway and we’re still a family, but there’s no difference,” she said.

Once one of the panel members brought up the potential fear for their relationship to possibly end soon after their marriage, Hudson explained her thoughts on that statement.

“I’m a believer [in] you do well and better with what you want to do vs. what you have to do,” she said. “It’s like, I’m here because I want to be, not because I have to be. As soon as we have to do something, we don’t want to do it no more.”

This is not the first time Hudson has addressed her long engagement to 36-year-old Otunga.

“The ring is still there and we will get married one day. But again, my thing is, once I get married, I don’t believe in divorce,” Hudson explained. “And so, when I get married, it’s for good. We want to be completely sure we’re together, we’re happy.”

So, what are your thoughts on what Hudson had to say? Do you think she and Otunga will ever be married? Or are they just stringing their fans along for something that could possibly be a confusing ride?

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