Friend of Philando Castile Shouts Through a House Committee Meeting!

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On Tuesday, January 24, the intense passion could be felt as angry protestors expressed their rage with local officials during a Minnesota House committee meeting, causing a short recess in proceedings. The uproar was caused by the recent passing of a bill that will allow local governments to sue protestors in order to recover any law enforcement costs accrued during civil unrest. Most of that unrest has been caused by the widespread publicity of the unjust murders of law-abiding citizens within a particular region.

The bill was passed 9-6 in the House Civil Law and Data Practices Policy Committee, formally known as House File 322, after which the protesting crowd detonated shouting fiercely at the lawmakers with reminders that they were only in their officiating positions as selected by the people. John Thompson, seen articulating the crowd’s points, is a friend of Philando Castile: a man who was openly murdered by a St. Anthony police officer while attempting to carefully abide by the law. 

Thompson urged them to have compassion and visualize how it may be to lose their loved one to the hands of those sworn in to protect and serve. “Shame on you all! Philando’s blood is on your hands!” he screamed as the crowd chants behind him demanding change. View the chilling scene below:

“You should leave because those seats you’re sitting in will be replaced by somebody who represents us!”

Representative Nick Zerwas (R – Elk River) sponsored HF 322 and is also backing a bill that would create harsher penalties for protesters who stop highway traffic. Zerwas states, “if you violate the law, if you block traffic, if you block access to a building, that’s what this bill is for.”

On the opposing end a Democratic representative, Rep. John Lesch of St. Paul, conveyed a concern for those who would be peacefully protesting (i.e. woman’s march) and would become targets for law enforcement fines. “They would be liable for those costs and this is a fundamental flaw in this law.”

BLM MN Branch in conjunction with other lawmakers is also concerned that the bill is specifically going to target those protesting in urban areas, especially those fighting for issues pertaining to racial justice.

Source: CBS MN

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