“He called me and my children n—–; he said I can go back to where I came from,” Ford recounted to The Washington Post.

“He took out his flip phone and he said he would take a picture and put it on Facebook because he wants to show the world what kind of n—— he has to deal with,” Ford continued. “Then he shut the window and walked away.”

Ford then called the local authorities, who’d arrived on the scene of the incident and confronted Crichton about what had taken place.

According to a police report that was filed, the owner was upset, however, he did not deny any of Ford’s claims.

“During the course of my conversation with Crichton, he used the word ‘n—–’ freely to describe black people,” the officer wrote.

There were no charges pressed.

“I’m disgusted and discouraged by the comments made by this business owner,” Dumyahn said. “I reached out to Miss Ford to tell her that this does not represent the diverse community of Zion.”

However, after taking matters to Facebook with the number and address of this location, Ford began a protest against the fast food establishment. She’d called Dairy Queen’s corporate headquarters, too.

The incident is what prompted protesters to gather outside the store on Saturday and Ford says that she has since been in contact with her attorney in order to take legal actions.

On Jan. 5 the company released a statement, in which they labeled the owner’s actions “inexcusable, reprehensible and unacceptable.”

Crichton did apologize, but later realized the damage was done and the store has since been closed.

“My actions were inexcusable and unacceptable,” Crichton said. “I can only ask for forgiveness and try to make it up to all involved.”

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