Bow Wow Explains Why Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Are “Corny”

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As of now, there have been at least six different possible celeb fights that have emerged via social media, either as a joke or a real challenge. And with the proposed fight between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown igniting, this new trend is one that we can all sit back and thank people like 50 Cent for.

While Soulja is now busy training for his match and reminding fans of just that, it looks as if one of his friends and musical collaborators, Bow Wow, isn’t here for all of these rappers allegedly trying to bite the idea only to get attention… Even though two of his friends are taking this exact route as their claim to more fame.

Going as far as calling the whole thing “corny,” the childstar had some harsh words for this foolish trend and the people who are trying to be a part of it.

Taking to his Instagram account, because that’s what rappers do now, Bow recorded himself commenting on how there is a handful of rappers who have since come forward and requested that those that they have beef with get in the ring and duke it out.

“Two homies done started some s**t,” Bow Wow begins. “Now you got everybody wanting to f***ing fight each other. This s**t getting corny as f**k now.”

He then took it upon himself to go on and say that while 2016 was full of rappers beefing with one another, no one ever actually followed through with it and fought.

“Where the f**k was all y’all rappers at last year?” he asks. “Y’all muthaf***as was beefing not one muthaf***as said ‘Let’s have a boxing match.’ Two n****s say they having a boxing match … now you wanna fight. Come up with your own s**t, man. Stop riding the coattails off another n***a, man. S**t weak. Let them two do what they do, man.”

Bow then began to take things a bit further by saying that the rappers who are trying to get attention in the form of a boxing match can’t even fight.

“These n****s can’t even f***ing fight … Have you seen videos of these n****s? How they look punching?” Bow Wow says during the clip. “Why do you think most of your favorite rappers always talk about gunplay or shooting a n***a? It’s easy. Because none of these n****s can’t f***ing fight in real life.”

It’s clear he definitely won’t be following in Soulja Boy’s footsteps and participating in a boxing match anytime soon, especially now that that’s what everyone else seems to be doing.

“I’m just saying. Y’all gotta cut this s**t out,” he adds, before ending the video.

Take a look at the alleged retired rapper offering his comments on the recent boxing match trend in disgust and don’t forget to drop down and give us your thoughts:

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