Beauty Vlogger Shuts Down Fan Who Tells Her To Stop Talking About Race

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One popular beauty vlogger has been urged by an African-American fan to stop talking about race so that she can have the opportunity to appeal to a wider white audience.

We are happy to announce that she quickly shut him down.

Jackie Aina hasn’t only amassed more than a million subscribers on YouTube, her followers are also attracted to her political stance on the issues that exist in this country. Via her Instagram account, Aina aligned herself with Alton Sterling and also spoke on those who choose to engage in cultural appropriation.

So, when a subscriber decided to give her advice on toning down her discussions in favor of gaining more success, Aina quickly took out the time to put him in his place.

Tweeting screenshots of the comment exchange on Monday December 26th, she showed the world his request, verses her response.

“You need to stop talking about race, skin color, and WOC issues on your channel so much,” he said in part, later deeming it “race crap.”

“You can talk about it one [sic] in a while, but not all the time like you do. Or else it will alienate and annoy white girl viewers … And you need to reach the white girl audience if you want to go mainstream on YouTube,” Abraham said before name dropping white beauty guru Jaclyn Hill, who has 3.8 million subscribers. “I can totally see you being the ‘black Jackyn [sic] Hill,’ but you just need to make some improvements. No more race talk, please.”


Rather than engaging in a back-and-forth discussion with Abraham, Aina had this one-word response:


After making note that she is currently at 1.1 million YouTube subbies, the beauty maven then pointed out that many race-related topics are what have seemed to fuel her videos, which also includes her videos on how to find the proper foundation for darker skin tones and so much more.

So, what are your thoughts on this news? Are you glad that there are some YouTubers who are putting their careers on the line by standing up for us Women of Color?

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