Anthony Anderson’s Wife Pulls Back On Divorce Proceedings

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We are now happy to announce that comedian and actor Anthony Anderson and his wife, Alvina Stewart, are attempting to patch things up and make their marriage work.

Stewart, who has been married to the famous “black-ish” star for the last 20 years, requested that they receive a dismissal in their divorce petition on December 14th in Los Angeles court, according to reports from ET.

She’d originally filed for divorce back in September of this year, citing that there were irreconcilable differences between the two of them. According to her, they had been separated since April 1st of 2014.

Stewart had also requested spousal support and joint legal and primary custody of their son, Nathan, who is 16-years-old. The two of them also share an adult daughter, Kyra, who is currently 20-years-old.

The couple started dating in college, per ET.

Anderson was just nominated for a Golden Globe for best actor, and his show was nominated for best comedy series.

We are so happy that they have chosen to make it work and we are wishing them nothing but the best in their relationship and with their family.

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