After Chrisette Michele Signs on to Perform for Trump, QuestLove Bribes Her With This

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With presidential-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration less than 48 hours away, it seems that his team has been swiftly trying to land some A-List entertainers to perform for the widely televised event.

Though we thought that Trump wouldn’t be able to find anyone to perform for him, as well as the rest of the country, we have now found out that we were wrong.

R&B singer and songwriter, Chrisette Michele, has now agreed to sing at this year’s inauguration, obviously to the disapproval of Black Twitter and so many others.

According to a story from the New York Daily News, just this past Wednesday, (January 18th), her deal had been sealed a week ago, however, she’d attempted to keep it a secret from the public… as if we wouldn’t find out when we saw her on TV.

Michele’s team was also especially worried after singers such as Jennifer Holiday, who’d originally agreed to show up and sing, later pulled out because of the harsh criticisms that she’d received due to the announcement that was made.

Once word got out that the show would go on as planned, many social media users began to question why the 34-year-old former reality star would even consider partaking in any inaugural activities.

Questlove, the famous drummer from The Root, even reached out to her via Twitter, saying that he would pay Michele to ensure that she doesn’t go through with the contract or performance.

“I’d pay Chrisette to NOT perform.”

However, he wasn’t the only one who made his comments publicly. Other Twitter users proceeded to give their opinions of Michelle and even added her name to the list of black celebs that have been canceled out by the black community, right under names such as Kanye West and Steve Harvey.

So, what are your thoughts? Is Michele wrong for choosing to perform for Trump? Or does she have the right to do whatever she chooses? This stuff isn’t even shocking anymore.

Comment below and tell us what you think about this news, the alleged sell-outs that are involved, and the blacks that have completely marked them off…

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